Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Megan Fox...acting STRANGE!

What a day I had the other day! Was able to meet Mister Antonio Banderas! He was a super cool guy. He went to the Lakers game with his son. For some reason when we took the photo together he took off his glasses?....Don't really know why he took them off. Megan Fox also attended the Lakers game. The paparazzi have been ALL over Megan because I guess she is pregnant. By the time that the Lakers game was over, so many photographers showed up to photograph her. It was a ZOO! She was hiding, covering her face with her hat, it was kind of strange. I mean why must you cover up your face? It just doesn't make sense to me? All the photographers were asking Megan if she wanted a boy or girl....it was insane!! Everyone was chasing her into the parking structure! I did record a little of it on my iphone. I'll post one of the photos of me giving Megan a dirty look!...ahahahaha!

SNOOP! Had to INSTAGRAM this photo! 

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