Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Beckham!

Beckhams birthday was yesterday! He just turned 37. The Beckham's are other people that I am totally interested in! (& the Kardashians!) I love what they do and I totally admire ALL the modeling that they do! Victoria has modeled for many magazines & David just recently came out with a body wear line that is sold at H&M! I do own a few things from his line.

I was able to meet Mister Beckham last year. He's such a nice guy!! I have a photo with him and an autograph. I would like to get a few more of his Armani shots signed by him.


  1. Congrats man, I'd kill for a David Beckham autograph, he's so hard when he comes here to the UK, please can you try and get me an autograph at all? Thanks

  2. Dan, how come you didn't go to that "Meet & Greet" think they had at the "H&M" in London? I don't know if he was signing autographs but i think he was taking pictures!