Saturday, January 5, 2013

Orlando Bloom!

If you guys have seen the movies "Pirates of the Caribbean you would know who Orlando Bloom is(: My sister loves those movies! My sister Bailey is obsessed with Johnny Depp! Orlando was in "Lord of the Rings" too. I was with my friend out in West Hollywood, and we ran into Orlando while he was shopping at "Burton," which is a ski shop. Super cool guy! The minute we stepped in the store the employees were already assuming we were going in to meet Orlando Bloom! It's like really?! Get off my case, I can walk in any store I want! Orlando has such an accent!! Geeeze! I had no idea! He was shopping forever!! Both my friend and I approached him when we thought he was actually checking out, but he was STILL shopping! He was like trying on a jacket, I told him how we're big fans, and we took a photo. He kept saying no problem guys! He is SOOOO nice! Why can't all celebrities be like him! He's a super cool guy! Nobody in the store even recognized him, people were just doing their shopping. Hahahaha.

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