Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paris Hilton & River!

Both Paris Hilton and her boy toy landed at the airport New Year's day! I had to go and greet my Paris!! Paris Hilton was the first celebrity I met in Los Angeles, so she is for sure one of my favorites! There's usually not so many autograph collectors waiting for Paris but this time there were a lot. Paris signed and signed for a few minutes! The paparazzi asked Paris what she thought about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy. Paris told them that she was happy for them! I don't know if she was being honest or what she said was sarcasm!  Hahaha. I wanted another photo with Paris so, right when she got ready to jump in the car I was there to ask her(: River took the photo of us! He's always cool about taking the picture! Right after I saw them at the airport he tweeted me right back. (:

Hahaha look at River taking the photo of Paris and I, at the airport! 

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