Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Gam Gam!

One of your favorite flowers in your yard back in Wisconsin! 

I have such an amazing Grama! Happy Birthday Grama, hope you have an amazing day! Wish I was there to celebrate your birthday with youu! Maybe next year? Bailey and I would usually always go out to dinner with you on your B Day! 

I really appreciate the Grama I have, I mean not all Grama's are like my Grama! My Grama is ALWAYS there for my sister and I. She supports our decisions we make in life, sometimes gives us a hard time at move to Hollywood!...Hahahaha. I'm pretty sure she's fine with it now though! Well I hope so! I recently told her about another possible place I want to travel to and I'm pretty sure she's still recovering from the announcement!....Are you Grama? :)

Happy Birthdayyy! Love youu! 

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