Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kim out in Hollywood!

Kim Kardashian still really hasn't been showing? I guess a little but not really? I thought she would be showing WAY more already but the bump is barley visible! I saw Kim twice the other day in Hollywood. Kim had an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel with Kourtney. Both Kim and Kourtney greeted the fans after their appearance! Kim still looks amazing while pregnant. I swear this woman never stops working!! The appearances just never stop!

Right after Jimmy Kimmel Kim headed to a restaurant in West Hollywood to meet a friend, Serena Williams! Kim and Serena looked great leaving the restaurant together! I love when Kim has her hair up in a high ponytail. Kim was more than happy to sign my New York magazine for me and she told me how happy she was for her Mississippi Meet and Greet, which is tomorrow. She had a BIG smile on her face when she told me she was excited! 

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This photo was Instagramed by Kim, the day after my Kim run in, in Hollywood! So the bump actually is showing a little. First photos of the showing bump! 

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