Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kim returns to the states!

My preggo girl Kim Kardashian returned to LA yesterday afternoon!! Kim was FULLY covered up! Kim was coming back from a trip to Paris with Kanye. I have to say that Kim looked fabulous in her all black outfit and black shades! There were over a dozen photographers there waiting for Kim to arrive at the airport! Kim was swarmed!! Kim actually handles all the wildness pretty well, I really don't understand how she does it. 
I know this looks crazy!! But because she is pregnant and doesn't want to be pushed over by photographers Kim signs my photos through the car window! Hahaha. She rolls it down a little for me and signs my things! She told me, "Slip the photos through, I don't want them taking my picture!" Hahaha I love Kim! She was more than happy to sign my photo! 

I put a smile on Kim's face yesterday(: 

Look at Kim work that terminal! 
Kim holding the envelope I gave her(: 
I looked on a few of the blogs, and its CRAZY how a lot of the titles and captions are about "Kim receiving fan mail," and "Kim Kardashian airport signing at LAX." 

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