Friday, January 18, 2013

Kim Kardashian returns home!

Kimmie was returning from a trip to New York! Both Kim and Kourtney were in New York promoting "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami!" What an experience I had yesterday! I saw both Kourtney and Kim SUPER early in the morning at the airport when they were leaving for LA! It was SOOOO early and Kim was SOOOO late for her flight she was practically running to the plane! Kim didn't have time to sign my newest magazine covers that I had. Kim apologized and said that she was sooo sorry but was in a hurry and late!! It wasn't a problem, i mean I see Kim ALL the time!!

I got Kim's "David Letterman" look, when she was in New York! 

Two days later Kim was flying into Los Angeles with Kourt. Yes I had to be at the airport to greet her! So many photographers were there! Kourtney left the airport first and was MOBBED! While Kourt was getting into her car, Kim was getting picked up a distance away!! So many people were after Kourtney that nobody saw Kim getting into her car! I saw like 2 flashes from a distance and BOOKED IT TO THE ESCALADE! Right when I was approaching Kim was getting in the car. She didn't sign any autographs for anyone! I dropped my phone somewhere under the car and was looking for it! I thought that I was going to get ran over!! i found my phone and the escalade started moving! I managed to get my things together and found my magazine that I wanted signed! I called Kim's name, she had the driver stop the car so she could sign my photo(: As soon as she rolled down autographers started approaching! She told everyone that she was just signing my things and taking a photo with me!! I just about died! hahaha. How awesome is that! I told her thanks for the shout out she gave me in New York when she was at the airport! She told me that she was happy that I saw it!! We took our photo together then she rushed to another meeting.

Kim Mentioning me at JFK Airport!

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  1. I met Kim Sat & she is amazing. U are lucky to meet her all the time.