Saturday, January 19, 2013

Miranda Kerr at LAX

Miranda Kerr the Victoria Secret model is gorgeous! Wow. She is sooo pretty! I think Miranda and Orlando Bloom are perfect together! 

I wanted to meet Miranda because I have heard so many good things about her! So many!! Miranda was flying into LAX airport last night from New York. I had to go!! So many autograph collectors were there to get her autograph! It was insane for a model!?!?! CRAZY! Miranda signed her life away....and then was mobbed as she was walking down the stairs to head to her car. I managed to get a few autographs and a photo with Miranda! She was sooo sweet! I felt bad though because she couldn't even walk down the stairs to her car, but she did manage the wildness pretty well!! The photographers were getting super pissed at the autographers because they were getting in all the shots! AHAHAHA. 

My actual photo op is on my friends camera, I'll post it soon(:

Yes thanks to in some of their photos online! 

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