Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paris Hilton and River!!!!

AHHHHHHHH! I love seeing Paris and her model boyfriend River!!! They are soooo nice!!! River is always super cool with me! River knows me from Twitter so it's cool when I see him in person. Paris was returning from Mexico. Both Paris and River made their way through the terminal and was mobbed by fans as soon as they made their way through the airport doors!!! So many people were there to get autographs!! I was able to get my photo op signed and my magazine!! I asked River about taking a photo with the two of them. River said, well buddy, if you can manage it. Yes I did! I have been wanting a photo with the two of them(: 

Here's a few of the paparazzi pics I found online with them(: Thanks X17. 

Right when we were going to take our photo(: 

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