Friday, January 25, 2013

Selena Gomez MOBBED by the paparazzi!

Selena Gomez headed to New York for a quick charity concert she did in the city. I have changed my opinion and thoughts about Selena Gomez!! I have said not so nice things about her in the past. I was upset about hearing all of the stories about how she treats her fans! I have heard MANY times from people in LA that, "Selena Gomez isn't fan friendly." After seeing Selena Gomez for the first time my opinion has changed!! Selena Gomez landed at LAX. As soon as she started walking through the terminal she was mobbed by the paparazzi. The potogs immediately started bullying her! "Awwww, Selena's tired don't take pictures." She didn't say or do anything and she was practically being bullied!! I mean I understand they weren't getting the best pictures because she was covering up with a pillow. I have figured out that Selena doesn't like the photographers but loves the fans. I managed to get right next to her on the escalator with her body guard. I asked Selena if she could sign my CD, she did sign it and right before she signed it she kind of pulled me closer to her to block the paps and I guess to feel more safe. I asked Selena if we could take a picture together while going down the escalator. She said, "Im sorry not now, they are being jerks!" Talking about the photographers being inches away from her face!

I have learned that Selena Gomez is VERY fan friendly and that she isn't the biggest fan of the paparazzi. Maybe next time I'll get my picture with her. 

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