Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MIAMI Bound!

Just thought I would post this photo real quick! Just stopped at the DASH store in Miami! I had to pick up a few things! I love stopping there and sharing my Kardashian photos! I was tweeting on the beach & my mom thought it would be funny to take a photo of me =) yep I'm doing what I do best!

Headed to Miami for the day today! It took about 2 hours from Fort Myers to get there. I love sleeping the car ride there:) I've been to Miami probably 4 times now and bailey and I always sleep on the way there. We passed Hollywood, Florida on the way to Miami...and yes there is a Hollywood in Florida, there isn't just one on California! But the Hollywood in Florida is NOTHING like the Hollywood in California! Hollywood Florida is very beach like and has a lot of beach houes. We stopped at this pizza place before we explored Miami, and boy was the pizza good! We ate outside, and it was so cloudy today in Miami! It is NEVER cloudy when I visit Florida! After lunch we headed to the beach. My Uncle Gary almost tripped over a homeless man and almost fell on him! Well the guy was just chilling in the middle of the sidewalk, we a cup out for people to give him money! After walking on the beach we headed to a few stores, including Urban Outfitters and DASH! I love going into DASH, they always have new items in the store. I talked to to the DASH employee about Kim being in there a few days ago. Kim was on the search for a new DASH location in the Miami area. I'm pretty sure Kim already found one, but they couldn't discuss the information. I KNOW Kim found one, lets jsut say that! I let her know that I have met ALL the Kardashians & I showed her the photo with me & Kim! She loved it and said I was cute!

We left Miami and stopped at a few palces on the way home to try and see if we could find any allegators! We saw a couple. You really have to do a lot of searching on the sides of the street! They don't just jump out, you really have to look for them. I slept pretty much the whole way home, I love sleeping in the car! I don't care if people complain about it! I'm going to sleep, it's my vacation! My Uncle did randomly shout out, "Celebrity Sighting! I jumped up right away and asked WHO!? Was it Lindsay Lohan!? He was just messing with me! :P BRAT!


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