Sunday, February 5, 2012


Fun Fun Fun day today in Los Angeles! I'm always doing something! Miss Kat Von D was doing a meet & greet in Hollywood this morning. I had to go because I have been tweeting with her a lot recently. Kat knows that I'm one of the BIGGEST Kardashian fans! I've tweeted her about the Kardashians, Twilight and my tattoo that I really want her to do! I met one of my friends in Hollywood, we ate lunch before waiting to meet Kat. We ate at California Pizza kitchen, and boy was it good! YUM! We waited in line maybe 20 minutes to meet Kat! I was super excited to get up there! Both my friend and I gave her a hug and right away I had to tell her that I'm her twitter buddy! She knew me right away as the KARDASHIAN fan! She said, "we're finally meeting! I was beyond excited! I have been wanting to meet Kat Von D for awhile now! I then showed her the photo of me & Kim Kardashian and she was pretty impressed that I met her, then I showed her the photo of me & Jeffree Star! She started telling me that he might stop by today!....then she started telling me a story about him. Kat was so awesome! We just talked to her! My friend gave her chocolate roses that she made for her, and was really happy for the gift! Before we were done talking to her I also let her know that "I'm the person that wants the tattoo done by her!" I told her that it has to do with Louis Vuitton! She said that she would love to do my tattoo! She told me to tweet her some photos! Then she told us that we should tweet the photos from today & she will RT them! :) This meet and greet was extremely fun, we didn't have to rush & we could just talk to Kat!

 Showing Kat my photo with Kim Kardashian! She was pretty impressed! 

We left Hollywood & my friend headed home because she had to work. I headed out to Studio City to meet other friends.....we were planning on going to this HUGE mall! I had to take a few busses to meet them there. The mall is in the valley and I'm now a little more familiar with the area because I have been there a few times now. 

The mall was HUGE they had about EVERY store you could think of! They had all kinds of stores including LOUIS VUITTON! We ate dinner before we started looking around at the mall. My friend has been getting me to try many vegan dishes! & YUM! I had Teriyaki chicken but the vegan it soy based! It pretty much tastes just like chicken! I just can't believe it! WOW! It was SO GOOD! We started roaming around the mall, stopped in Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun, VANS, Louis Vuitton, and a few other stores. I was so impressed by this mall. The mall was HUGE! I so wanted to buy a few things but didn't!....because I met just spend some money in Florida! I mean I do have a shopping addiction! As you guys know I am also a little obsessed with the Beckham's! I had to stop at H&M to check out David Beckham's new body wear! I took a few photos of the ads they had displayed. 
The day I met Mister Beckham. 

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  1. Kat seems so cool! A real down to earth person. I hope she does a tat for you, maybe you might even get on her show!

    Keep on being awesome Niko!