Monday, February 6, 2012

Seeing my MOM!

Hey world! I'm loving Florida! It is so humid here though compared to California, and much hotter! It rained a little today....It NEVER rains here! weird! We went to go pick up my mom from ther airport this morning!I haven't seen my mom in over 7 months! You guys really have no idea how excited I was to see her! It has been forever seen the last time I saw her! Right from the airport we went to go get something to eat. After eating we headed straight to my cousin Jimmy's house to go swimming....I didn't go swimming though, I just couldn't stop looking at this book that my mom made me! It's kinda like a scrapbook with TONS of all my celebrity photo-ops! I love the gift, I would rather have things like that. My mom actually had to look up all the names of those celebs too, so she spelled them right in the mini book. She also made a framed photo of Kathy Griffin and a cool little thing with my photos from London in it, including the actual ticket I used on the subway there and even some coins! THANKS MOM! I cannot wait to bring the photos back to Los Angeles to hang in my room! I'll post some photos of a few of things that my mom made me.

We are planning on taking a day trip to Miami this week, to check out the beach and the shops! I love MIAMI! It has such a different vibe! I'll update everyone tomorrow & post some photos!

This area of the store in Florida totally reminded me of California! Because they have so many things in spainsh in California!

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