Friday, February 3, 2012

A ZOO at the Grove!

Such a long day out at the Grove today in West Hollywood & Hollywood. There was a Daniel Radcliffe event today, so I had to try and get there early. It actually worked out good because there were a few guests that were on EXTRA that were being interviewed. So really there was something to do all day. The housewives of Orange Country were there, Jerry Springer and Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. I was able to get a few photo ops with them. Sarah was extremely nice! She took a photo with me & signed my cast photo of "Modern Family." While Sarah was being interviewed the cast of "Chelsea Lately" showed up! They were just wandering around in the crowd being crazy! I recognized Heather McDonald right away! They were pretty funny, when I took my picture with her they were creppin in the background! Heather told me her favorite Kardashian was Kourtney, and I told her mine was Kim(: She was really nice and acted just like how she acts on the show! Then the Housewives of Orange County arrived. I really only wanted a picture with one of them, and that was Vicki. Her publicist totally pushed me away as I was trying to ask for a photo with her as she was coming in to the interview. I did manage did get a photo after though. The Grove security is just ridiculous! They were PULLING my backpack while I was taking a photo with her! HOW RUDE! Who does that!? I wasn't even touching her or anything! We were walking while taking the photo! UGH! Then Jerry Springer arrived and everyone was yelling, "JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!" Why was Jerry being interviewed? Really? Yes, Jerry Springers show is a little entertaining but it's so trashy!

Emma Roberts!
I found a few photos of her that were taken by some photographer that night!

Vicki! Housewives of Orange County!
Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family" My mom is right! She makes my look HUGE! She's tiny!

I'm working on completing this photo(:
Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately....what a character! 

Later that night the Daniel Radcliffe events started! Everyone was really hoping that he would sign autographs! Daniel has been in LA for 2 days, and hasn't signed ONE autograph! I didn't think it was going to be this hard to get his autograph! He wouldn't sign at the airport, hotel, or any of his TV appearances! And also later we found out NOT even at his movie premiere!! (The Woman in Black.) It was such a ZOO at the Grove! So many people were there that they really couldn't contain anyone! As soon as they were letting people into the theatre, everyone was going in, even people without tickets! IT WAS CRAZY! They MOBBED the place! I waited outside for a little seeing what other stars would show up. Emma Robert's randomly was leaving the Grove, and I was able to get a photo with her. Tom Felton also showed up but he ran right in as I was trying to get a photo with him!

Next event was the premiere of "Journey 2." I had a few photos of a few of the people that were in the movie. For some reason though Vanessa Hudgens doesn't really sign autographs for the fans?...I was able to see Kristin Davis again though, and she signed my personal photo-op with her that I took a few months ago! I didn't hang around there much longer because pretty much all the celebs left. We then went to the after party which was a few blocks down the street....We had no clue what time they were going to get out though, so we just left.

Today was such a LONG day in the sun! WOW! It was pretty hot today at the Grove! I did manage to get a few photos of people that I really wanted though. I was really happy with my Emma Roberts photo though(:

These were a couple of the characters I saw running around the Grove today, while I was people watching! Haha. I HAD to take photos! What is the lady on the left wearing on her ear?! It's like a HUGE chain! And the lady on the right!? I don't even know what to say about that photo! (She's trying to take a photo of Jerry Springer!)

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