Monday, February 27, 2012

Ohh the Oscars...

After work today I headed over to the North Hollywood station to meet some friends. We were planning on getting a few photo ops with Celebs today. Yeah, about that.....we didn't get any!! Hahaha. This was my first time trying to go to a few of the Oscar parties and get autographs and pictures. I really didn't know how much they block the streets off! We started out on Hollywood and Vine while we were waiting for the bus a lady was riding a horse down the sidewalk!? Only on Hollywood Blvd would you see something like this!! I was going to take a picture but I was so busy thinking how crazy this was! This lady thought she was going to CRASH the Oscar's! I really don't know how far she got because the streets were covered with cops! I guess the lady was protesting because she had some sign on the horse that said something about Horse slathering! How crazy! On our way to one of the Oscar parties we passed the famous "Vanity  Fair" party that they have every year. It was pretty cool to see the carpet from a distance......I mean I remember seeing that on TV when I was living in Wisconsin! It's just crazy all the amazing things that I have been seeing! It's unreal! I have been reading about all these things in Wisconsin and now I'm living them! Instead of reading about these celebs in the magazines I'm actually out there getting photos with them!

Here's a couple guests that really stood out for me at the 2012 Oscars.

The Kardashians ALWAYS know how to show up to award parties! Both Kourtney & Kim Kardashin attended Elton Johns 2012 Oscars party in West Hollywood yesterday. Kourtney looks great! You can't even see Kourtney's baby bump yet! 


  1. Hollywood seems crazy in a good way, hope to make it out there sometime

  2. Hollywoods great!! I love it here!! So many exciting adventures! There's always something crazy going on!