Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have worked 6 days in a row! I love working but I also like being able to have my free time and do whatever. I have been working in Starbucks lately. I have been becoming much better at making drinks! I even have gotten faster! It was VERY busy at Starbucks! Like CRAZY busy! I did have to pull out the Starbucks drink maker book once though because I didn't know how to make an iced green tea latte. I figured it out though with the help of the mini book! Haha. I try and not let everyone see that I'm reading a book to make their drink! Haha. I think they would be very worried! But the drink turned out fine.

Above photo: This is my new wallpaper on my macbook! I just can't get enough of Kim Kardashian! I think I'm going to print this photo and have it autographed!

My neck is still feeling sore! I must have slept really weird the other night! It hurts when I turn my head to the left. When I have to look to the left I have to turn my whole body. I look like an awkward owl! For real! I researched a few ways for the pain to go away. It's really not that serious but it hurts. I'm sure it will go away in a few days.

After work I headed home to just relax and watch TV! I really never just go home and relax. I'm always searching the blogs, editing my blog, ordering photos for upcoming events.....

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