Friday, February 24, 2012


Didn't do to much today besides work! I slept in, because thats something I LOVE doing! I did some laundry because today was the only day that I really had time to get my clothes washed. I'm really never home so sometimes it's hard to get my laundry done. I also organized some of my autographs, sometimes they start stacking up next to my bed because I don't even have time to organize them and but them in my binders. I'm so happy with my Jen Aniston ones! never would of thought I would have her autograph!

I jumped on the bus and headed to Starbucks to work on my blog. I wanted to edit some of my photos that were on my blog! I started adding more photos but the internet at Starbucks was so slow! It was horrible! It was taking forever for the photos to upload!! I didn't even have the patience to wait that long for photos to upload! I started surfing the internet, looking up the latest celebrity events, and newest celebrity videos. I ordered a bagel and passion Ice tea at Starbucks, then left and headed to work. I just couldn't even deal with that slow internet! It was WAY to slow! I don't have the patience for slow internet!

As I was walking home from work, I noticed this movie poster! i really wanna see this movie! It looks good! Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum are in the movie! I hope the premiere is here in LA!

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