Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've been very busy with work lately! I've been working at least 6 days a week, at Target & Starbucks. I love that they have me a few days at Starbucks and the rest at Food Ave. It felt good to get out of work early yesterday. I started at 8:30 so I got out around 4. I was planning on going to the pantages theatre on Hollywood & Vine where Kathy Griffin was going to be. Kathy was suppose to attend the play opening night.....but I found out on INSTAGRAM that she posted a photo of herself at the hospital. I guess Kathy has the bird flu. I decided not to go. The only person that I really wanted that was attending the play was Kathy Griffin! I love that red head! I even had all my stuff ready to get signed by her! The time I met Kathy she was beyond friendly, and signed everything that I had! Instead of going, I went home after work and took a nap(: That's one thing I miss about Wisconsin! Nap time! I would take naps ALL the time! But to be honest, I would nap way too much! Like everyday after school! Thats unhealthy to nap that much!!

The photo I posted above is all the snow Northern Wisconsin is getting! That's CRAZY! Thats WAY too much snow! If I was not living in California that is where I would be living! I would be surrounded by all that snow! HORRIBLE! I'll post more photos of all the snow Northern Wisconsin got later tonight.

LOOK how cute Korkie & Maggie look in the snow!! 

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