Thursday, March 1, 2012


Had another exciting day out in Hollywood! There are always celebs to meet and always something to do here in Los Angeles!  I started out by getting something to eat at Veggie Grill in West Hollywood, I was CRAVING a vegan chicken sandwich! The sandwiches there are delicious! If you guys haven't been to a Veggie Grill you have to try it! They have really good ice tea too, I love the lemonade one! I was planning on going to the magazine shop a little down the street on Sunset Blvd....but it looked like it was going to rain! It got really cloudy out and the sun pretty much disappeared!!

I didn't want to get stuck out walking in the rain so I headed to a Starbucks in Hollywood. What an experience I had at the Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd!! Ahahaha. I get there I order my drink and I get out my laptop and start working on my blog. Some guy sits next to me.....some other guy comes over by us and hands him some weed in a piece of paper! Then the guy sitting next to me asks me if I have 50 cents....I guess he wanted a Starbucks drink?? I said, "Nope, no cash!" He said, "I'll be right back." He went outside Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd, and managed to get a dollar from some guy.....I have no clue how he got the dollar, I really wanted to ask! Then he came back in and let me know that he got some money! I really have no clue why he was informing me on his every move!? Then some lady RUNS in Starbucks needing to use the bathroom. The Starbucks employees informed her that she had to purchase something. She said, "If you don't let me use the bathroom your going to be cleaning up a mess right here!" WHAT!? Are you serious lady!? How CRAZY is this!? She finally purchased and used the restroom. She then sat near me.....and started her laptop up. She turned to this guy that was sitting next to her.....and asked, "Are you homeless?" OMG. This is unbelievable! This lady is on the loose!! The guy was like..."Why, do I look homeless!?" She said, "well a lot of homeless people come in here!" What an experience I had at Starbucks! WOW!

I left Starbucks and headed to a TV taping in Hollywood to try and get autographs from Ed Helms. Ed was in "The Hangover." I was able to get two autographs, and a photo with Ed! What a nice guy! I have heard some things about him not always signing.....but I don't listen to others and try it out myself.   I now have both Ed & Zach's autograph on my Hangover photo.

I then went over to the "Project X" premiere that was held at the Chinese Theatre, in Hollywood. Both Kendall & Kylie Jenner were attending the premiere. You guys all know I'm a HUGE Kardashian fan so I had to go and get my photo(: I've now seen Kylie 3 times now.....she remembered me from last time. I told her how much I love all the photos she posts on INSTAGRAM. She said, "Let's take one right now on my phone!" Kylie's friend took the photo of us and Kylie posted it right away! I asked Kylie how Dolce was doing. Dolce is her dog that recently ran away, but is now home. I mentioned to Kylie about all the hate a few people were tweeting her on twitter, I was like, "That's ridiculous!" People were lying and saying that they found her dog! We then took a photo with my camera and Kylie was on her way...! The INSTAGRAM photo Kylie Jenner posted got 11,930 LIKES!

 Here's a couple photos of Richard Simmons! What a character! I didn't know I was going to run into him! He was singing and dancing, and acting really wild! What a HOOT he is! WOW! His outfit was outta control! He took pictures with a bunch of people and was doing all these CRAZY poses!

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