Friday, March 2, 2012

Some boxers!?

Got up and headed over to Hollywood Blvd. There was some event going on with Boxers. 50 Cent was one of the guests that was suppose to show up! I really wanted to get a picture with him. I didn't know how much fans these boxers really had! Wow. it was CRAZY!! To be honest I don't even know who they are. One of their names is Oscar and the other one was flloyd?! Seriously! Don't know who they are, but these boxers sure do have a lot of fans! I did take some videos of all the crazyness! This event was held at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, so a lot of tourists were gathering around because they saw crowds! The tourists just really get in the way! Ya know?! it gets annoying when they ask you 10 million questions! Sorry but I'm not going to be answering ALL their questions because I want my photo ops! 

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