Saturday, March 3, 2012


Had a fun day today in Beverly Hills(: Headed over to Beverly Hills with a friend and looked in a few shops and showed her around. We stopped at Sharky's to get something to eat before our Beverly Hills adventure(: I spotted so many photographers lingering around as we were just walking around. After getting something to eat we headed over to "Menchies frozen yogurt." YUM! You guys all know how much I love my frozen yogurt!! YUM! I love going to this place! They have clippings and photos of Stars that have been in there. They had pictures of Rob Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

After getting frozen yogurt we walked to Robertson Blvd to check out Kitson! I love that store so I wanted to go look around. The walk was A LOT longer then I thought it was going to be! I was thinking it was close.....yeah no!! Hahaha. But we survived the walk and made it! They have many more cool POP PHONES, different colors that they didn't have before. We hiked up the hill to Melrose Ave, then jumped on a bus and headed back to Hollywood. We really wanted to go see a movie! We went to the Chinese Theatre and saw "GONE." Wow. What a good movie it was! I jumped like over 10 million times, such a good movie!! I liked everything about the theatre except I didn't get phone signal! UGH!

Had a fun day today in Los Angeles! I like doing things other then celebrity events ALL the time!! There's so much to do here besides meet celebrities all the time. We had a lot of fun(:

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