Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crashing Zac Efron's movie DATE!

Haven't blogged in a couple of days because, I have been working everyday! I really don't want to blog about work! A few things have happened recently....LINDSAY LOHAN has signed an autograph in NEW YORK! This is a SHOCKER! Lindsay hasn't signed an autograph in years!!....years!! I'm seriously shocked!! As she was heading some where after hosting SNL, she signed an autograph on the way out of a restaurant. LA is next, we want autographs from Lindsay!! 

The other day after work I got a call from someone that Zac Efron was seeing a movie at Universal City walk, with a girl. I've been wanting a picture with Zac Efron for awhile. Well it turned out Zac didn't take pictures with anyone, I guess he doesn't like pictures of himself. He just seems really shy in person. We approached Zac with things to get autographed. Lily Collins who was with him just kept giving dirty looks, and tried pulling him away from us! She was extremely rude with us and she acted a little jealous that nobody wanted a picture with her! Sorry we crashed your movie date Zac Efron, but Lily Collins....I am NOT sorry! I mean did they really expect nobody to know they were going to be at the movies!? This is Hollywood!?! The autographers, and photographers know their every move! I will NOT be seeing Mirror Mirror because of her behavior the other night! I usually will still see movies with these actors if they are rude when I meet them....but this time NO! Just the way she treated us fans was rude! I mean really Miss Collins?....you have ONLY 36,000 followers on Twitter, don't treat the fans like that! I mean Kim Kardashian has over 13 MILLION followers, and she takes the time to talk to her fans and take pictures!! A few photographers were there and one of them was to busy TEXTING that he didn't even get the shot of Zac & Lily together!! There are STILL no pictures to prove they are together!! The photos would have made HEAD LINES, WORLD WIDE! Those pictures would have been in EVERY magazine & every tabloid out there! 

I have been searching online recently more & more looking for open Flight Attendant jobs! I'll apply for ANY positions in ANY city!! ANY CITY! I know that you train somewhere else, I'll work out of any city to get started and to get my foot in the door! I would LOVE to be an international flight attendant. You guys know that I LOVE traveling, and I really wouldn't mind traveling everywhere and rarely being home! I LOVE TRAVELING! I could do it ALL the time!(: 

This photo was taken in Naples Florida while I was visiting my Uncle's, they no longer live in Naples, but near Naples. They now live in Leigh High Acres. 

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  1. If this is true why don't you send it in to TMZ?