Thursday, February 16, 2012


What a day in Hollywood today! I woke up this morning and it was raining!! UGH! I had plans on meeting a few celebs! The rain wasn't stopping me! I got ready and took a shower and it was still raining. I laid on my bed for a few minutes hoping the rain would stop before I left the house. The rain did stop and the sun started coming out. I had to go and pick up some images from Costco to get autographed. The weather was so strange today, sun & rain on & off! I did manage to get my photos signed of Diddy! He came right over by the fans and signed autographs. He didn't talk though or say anything?! He just came over to sign autographs. People asked for photos, including me and he didn't answer anyone. Those rappers act weird! Pretty much all the rappers don't even talk!

Later on my way home I jumped on the bus at around 11PM. This really strange guy started yelling at this guy who got off the bus saying that he stepped on his foot! He was swearing and going crazy! What a nut! Then the guy started talking really sexual and was talking about sex toys! How gross! I really couldn't stop laughing! A lot of people were laughing at all the crazy things this guy was saying! I couldn't wait to jump off that bus! While I was waiting for the some guy mentioned to me that I have very interesting foot posture! He said my foot posture tells A LOT about me! He said something about what he's studying in school. 

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