Monday, February 13, 2012


Very eventful day today! I worked 6 hours at Starbucks today. It was my first day back to work since I left for Florida! Everyone noticed I got a lot of color! I really didn't wear sunscreen on the whole trip. I started work around 12 so I didn't have to get up super early, which I love! It was good to be back to work, I missed my co-workers! A few new people started at Starbucks while I was gone; I love meeting new people(: One of my co-workers was telling one of them how I have photos with a million celebrities!....He said, that he wanted to be friends...haha. Looks like I'll have to show him some of my photos! My Paris & Kim photos for sure!

After work I met some of my friends in Downtown LA for all the Grammy events going on. I brought a few photos of people that I would for sure run into! And what do you know......I ran into Miss Paris Hilton again! She was walking right towards us leaving the Staples Center. I just couldn't believe it! I seriously froze up! I got my Paris photos out of my folder!....she signed the photo of me & her. I met Paris for the first time on Hollywood Blvd. She was more then happy to sign the photo. I had more photos, but I just wanted to absorb the moment! She was posing for photos with her blackberry in her hand as well as her purse. I right away got my photo with Paris. She looked stunning!...she was just leaving the Grammy's. She had her assistant or publicist with her. She was saying, "Paris has to go!" I said, "NO SHE DOESN'T!" She's not going anywhere until I got my photo! Paris ignored her assistant or whatever she was and continued to greet the fans(: I thanked Paris for taking photos with us and she said, "Bye Gorgeous!" (;

Another person my friend recognized leaving was Billy Ray Cyrus. He was wearing sunglasses while leaving, but my friend noticed him! We right away ran over by him and took photos! :D He was extremely nice, and was more then happy to take photos!

We didn't stay in Downtown LA to long because it was getting late and the bus is SUPER SLOW on Sundays! It's horrible! We ran into a few drunks on the way back to the subway. We stopped at a mini store to pick up a few snacks because I was so hungry! I made it home around 1am...I think. Such a long but exciting night!

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