Monday, August 29, 2011


Went to the Grove at night because Bailey has never been there. We rode the Trolly which was fun and we went shopping! :D I bought a pair of ugg's!(: They're very LA... Also I got a pair of sunglasses from Nordstrom. The Grove is a great place to go, I love going there! It's probably one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. After the Grove we went to "Yogurt Stop" in West Hollywood. Frozen yogurt is my NEW ADDICTION! Watch out Starbucks! It is so good! I think they only have them on the West Coast but, I'm not totally positive. We then went to Hollywood Blvd after to get home. We missed the last bus, so we had to walk! And it was SUPER far! I HATE the busses here! They are so slow and stop at 10:40!? How stupid! This is one of the busiest cities in the US! Made it home at like 12:30.

YUM! So tasty!

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  1. The Muñoz Family is addicted to froyo too!! We have two places out here both delicious - YoMama and FroYo Bella :)