Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting outside the VMA's.

Both Bailey And I slept in because we were so tired from last night. We walked a ton and were up pretty late! As soon as we got up we got ready and went to the bus and took the Subway to China Town in Downtown LA. Walked pretty far to get to China Town.....ughhh! and it was super hot out! We made it to China Town and damn!....I know it's China Town and all but we were the only whites around!!! GEEZ! We looked around, we were seriously the only white people around! Like I really didn't see any tourists! We wanted to get some Chinese food, so we stopped at this one restaurant and we couldn't really read the menu so we ordered a bottle of water and a soda! Then we rushed outta there! We then went to another place, we sat down and asked if they had crab ragoon's?....He was totally confused and didn't know what I was talking about. Then i mentioned wanton's and he said yes, and they have shrimp ones. I ordered the shrimp wanton's. We got our food and YUCK they were disgusting! They were HORRIBLE! NEVER AGAIN! They were basically a shrimp in fried NASTY! YUCK! EWWW! VOMIT! Our server would just stand and watch the two tables eat! Like who does that! Stop watching me eat and spit out your food! it's RUDE! We got out of there as quick as possible! WOW, that was like CHINA! We then took the Subway to The Staples center/Nokia theatre. It was CRAZY! This is where the VMA's were held. It was chaos, not organized, nobody really knew where to stand or anything! I then ran into a few people that I have seen at premiere's so we stayed around them. We finally found a place that we kind of just hung around for the rest of the night. We saw a few people; Natalie from Bad Girls club (She was super nice, she was happy to take a picture with me(: We also saw Pete Wentz, Jared Leto, the back of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj's  hair, the cast of Shore exiting the hotel where the red carpet was held, and Amber Rose. OMG, Snooki is so SHORT, I could barely see her because she's like 3 feet tall! Ronnie was shouting something but I couldn't hear him. Was hoping to see Lady Gaga, but didn't see her at all :/ The people that we did see we saw them after the show was let out. Then we headed to a place on Hollywood Blvd, where one of the VMA after party's was at and went to see if we could see anyone. We saw nobody at that place, nothing wrong with trying....Especially if you live in Hollywood! :p Had a great night though with Bailey. She got to meet a few of the people that I've met in LA at the celebrity events.


Fall Out Boy.

The two blonde girls are new singers?!...

Amber Rose, I guess she just got in an argument with her boyfriend so she looks angry! I'm going to try and sell the photo!


Me & Natalie!Bad Girls club.

Didn't really see any celeb's outside....a few but that's it. Next time! I'm buying tickets to next years VMA's(:

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