Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bailey's LAST day! & meeting 3 celebs today!

Had a very busy day today! Went to the Grove when we got up. Bailey was taking forever to get up so we missed "The Situation" at the Grove. I was pretty pissed! She NEVER can get up in the morning! We went there, and watched the second taping of EXTRA. Didn't know who was going to be the interviewer today but, it wasn't Mario Lopez so Bailey was a little upset. But Terry was very nice. I guess she dated Simon Cowell?! Both Bailey and I were right by the stage(: Sarah Paxton & Dustin Milligan were being interviewed today, they are the two main cast members from 'Shark Night." They were both very nice(: The taping airs on September the 2nd at 7:00 Los Angeles time. Make sure you guys watch it, to see if you can find us! We both got pictures with them. Bailey got the first picture then I went to go up and take a picture but someone jumped in front of me! Dustin was like "Your next Mr. Hollister!, I didn't forget about you! I told them I wanted to be right in the middle! The picture turned out awesome! I love it! They were both extremely nice(: We then went to Hollywood after to meet Jeff Goldblum from, "Jurassic Park" & "the fly." He was very nice! He always arrives to this cafe with his Starbucks! He took pictures with us & signed the stuff we had for him. I asked him if he could sign it to me and he did. I told him my name and he was already writing it! & he spelled it right! WHAT!? Nobody ever spells my name right! He was very nice! We then picked up subs and then headed home. We actually made the last bus! So we didn't have to walk! I also found another paparazzi hotspot(: I'll be going back there to see if I can spot celebs at night!

Tomorrow's going to be a very long day! Meeting a bunch of celebs(: fingers crossed! I'm taking Bailey to the airport at like 6 am! EWW! mornings! At least I'll be out of the house early so I can make it to the Grove in time to meet Snooki! AHHHH! I can't wait! I hope I can get a picture with her!

Sara & Dustin!

One of the interviewers(:

My water that I was served at a restaurant at the Grove. $5.00 water. it was so good! 

Free bag that i was given. Giving it to my mom. I think she'll like it!

Autographs from Jeff Goldblum.

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