Thursday, September 1, 2011

Snooki is So SHORT!

These days hunting down celebrities just keep getting more and more jam packed days! Snooki was doing being interviewed on EXTRA this morning at the Grove. Te interview was suppose to start at 9 am. She showed up at 9:20 and stopped to get breakfast at "the Beverly Hillsfarm" in the grove. You would think she would go straight to the interview since she was already late!! Paparazzi were already waiting there early and trying to figure out where she was going to come in. As soon as one of the photographers spotted her, they all ran over by her! Everyone was snapping away! I loved it! Its like an adrenaline rush!, hearing all the clicks and seeing flashes! I joined the other photographers and started snapping away! AHHH! how much fun! Freckin Snooki was a few feet in front of me! I got a few good shots of her and her boyfriend Johnny. They passed the Cheesecake factory, and Nicole "Snooki" got very excited! She was looking extremely tan and short! So was her boyfriend Johnny! He was maybe a few inches taller then her! She did the interview with Mario Lopez, and they tweeted a picture that they took together. I love when things like that are going on right in front of me! Then it's tweeted to the world! The interview ended, and fans and photographers started mobbing her. I kept calling her name but I don't think she heard, I just wanted a picture with her! The Grove security is super strict! It's absolutely ridiculous! I swear get outta my way or I'll start kicking you!! Snooki left in an escalade, like always.... As soon as I was done at the Grove I went right to Hollywood & Orange. They were having a Star Unveiling for Ed O'Neil from Modern Family. Most of the cast members showed up. I found friends that I usually meet at the premiers & star unveilings. We waited in the HOT sun on Hollywood Blvd for the stars to start showing up. One of the first people to arrive was Rico from "Modern Family." He was a nice kid but, didn't come over to sign by us:( Sofia showed up next...the star ceremony started, and Ed received the star. Pretty much the whole cast came over to sign(: I never got Ed though! I was super upset! He should've signed more! I mean it was a event for him! That ended then we went to the Jay Leno show to see if we could see Jeff Bridges and I wanted to try for a second time today....Snooki! Bitch didn't even roll her window down to say hi! Drove right by in her escalade that shes always in! We were waiting outside the Jay Leno studio for hours! Wow! People had pictures of her, her books and they didn't even stop! I'm NOT done with her! I will get a picture with her! I know where the Jersey Shore cast is staying in LA, so I'm going to start going  to their hotel to see if I can spot them! Jeff Bridges was also on the Jay Leno show, so many people were waiting for him. He came out at like 7 pm! OMG! Could he be any slower! People were worried that he wasn't going to sign because last time when he was on Jay Leno the fans and collectors mobbed his car and they were sticking crap in his face for him to sign! I guess it was a ZOO! This time he got out and signed one for everyone, and took pictures! I didn't have anything to get signed so I just got a picture with him(: that's all I wanted! What a long day in LA today! Met a bunch of celebs and got a few autographs!

Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges signing for everyone!

Me & Jay Leno!

Every time he leaves the lot he drives a different car.

When I saw Jay Leno leave I had to tell him that Snooki didn't even stop for us! She at least could've tweeted and said she couldn't or was running late for something! That's what Kelly Osbourne did for some fans that were waiting outside of her hotel! She did take pictures with them after though(: 
Jeff Bridges leaving.

Snooki arriving at the Grove.

20 minutes late......she stops for breakfast before the interview!

Snooki & her boyfriend.


Paparazzi swarming around her.

Ed O'Neil star unveiling

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