Thursday, September 1, 2011


Went to Starbucks this morning, I wanted to finish my other blog post there. The stupid blog app on my ipad wasn't letting me post it! ERRR! I hate when technology doesn't work! Anyways, after going to Starbucks and getting my FREE drink!, I went over to where the Jersey Shore cast is staying! I'm NOT done with you yet Miss Snooki! I know what hotel you guys are staying at in LA! :p Went to the hotel didn't spot them, but I'm going back tomorrow(: I will get a picture with Snooki! Then I walked around West Hollywood for a while. I went to Book Soup, many magazine shops set up outside, and I discovered.....a place that sells & BUYS celebrity videos and photos! This is something I'm totally into! Can't wait! I'm going to try and sell those pictures that I took of Snooki the other day! Next I went to where Snooki and her boyfriend went to last night....went there to see if I could spot anyone but I had to go to work!

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