Thursday, August 25, 2011


Had an extremely long day today in Universal City! We were out of the house by 9, and went to get breakfast before Universal Studios. We took the subway there. I got an annul pass so I can go back!(: It was only 10 dollars more for the annual pass. The first thing we did at the park was head to the Studio tour!  The line wasn't that long because the park just opened. We saw so much on the tour! We saw the area where War of the World's was filmed, Desperate Housewives!, CSI, and many other shows and movies. I guess they were currently filming on New York Street so we couldn't go down that street. It was pretty hot out today, and Bailey didn't bring ANY sunscreen! I sounded like my mom, telling her she should be wearing sunscreen! We went on many rides and a lot of shows. They had a really cool special Effects show that we went to, and the Shrek 4-D was super fun! I forgot how much I love Universal Studios! I've been to the one in Florida but it's my first time being to the one in LA. We went to the City Walk after to go to shops and Yogurt Land! YUM! Yogurt land is my NEW OBSESSION! It was so good! I don't even know how to describe that yogurt! I think they only have them on the West Coast. While we were walking around there we ran into Howie Mandel! I pointed him out to Bailey, and she didn't believe me! I was like, Bailey that's Howie Mandel! She asked if we could take a picture with him and he said sure. I went to shake his hand, but I forgot that he has OCD! He asked where we were from, we told him, and I told him that I just moved here. We then went to Hollywood Blvd because Bailey wanted to look at a few shops to get some things. We ate at the Hard Rock cafe in Hollywood and then went shopping. We ran into a Michael Jackson that was arguing with this lady that lives on the streets. She was yelling at Michael and saying, "You tried to KILL ME!" She called him a Bastard! And also told him to go "EFFF Himself!" Michael told the CRAZY lady that she needs to be locked up! So that was interesting to watch! All the tourists were watching at SHOCKED! I was like this stuff happens all the time! After shopping a little we headed home and stopped at a gas station on the way home for something to drink. We were so THIRSTY from this LONG day! 

 Universal Studio's! Hollywood!

WOW! look at those HILLS!

Eva Langoria's house on Desperate Housewives!

Lady Gaga's music video "JUDAS" was filmed here.

Ran into Howie Mandel in the Universal City Walk! How AWESOME!

We have another Jam packed day tomorrow! Bailey's going to get the WHOLE LA tour from her brother(: 

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