Thursday, August 25, 2011

Found EMMY location!

Over slept today. Well we really didn't NEED to be anywhere, but we wanted to get up a little early because I worked at 3. We were out of the house by 10ish. We went to the NoHo arts district. We ate at Panda Express, which had chinese food! (I love chinese food!) They had really good veggie egg rolls. We ate there and then starting walking down Lankershim, we stopped in a few shops and found "The Academy," which is where the Emmy's are held! It was a pretty neat area. With statues of many well known people, like OPRAH! We then started heading to work and Bailey came with me :D She shopped around for a little when I started work and then went back home to my house. She took 2 busses ALL on her own! I had to draw her a map so she wouldn't get LOST! I was really worried that she was going to get lost! I was just worried for her period! She did make it home....but some creep at the first bus stop she was waiting at, asked her if she wanted a ride! WTF! YOU CREEP! STAY AWAY FROM YOUNG KIDS! It's a ZOO here I swear! But this is normal! This happens here all the time! CREEPS!! The next time I work I'm locking her in the house! She's NOT going anywhere! To many CREEPS out there! At work 2 people today mentioned my face being red! & sunburn! It's like I DON'T even know you! Leave me alone! How about I start talking about you! Like really who just brings that up to strangers! Next time some stranger brings it up, I'm telling them I have a skin disease!....and HERPES!....So they leave me alone! GEEZ! After work someone drove me home! It's the FIRST time I've been in a car here! He drove it like a GO KART!..which I LOVE, cause I'm a CRAZY driver too! It felt like I was in Fast and Furious! It was awesome! When I got home I had to call Bailey so she could open the door for me.

           My Emmy that I WON! I know your jealous!


Were going to Universal Studios tomorrow! & doing a Studio Tour there! Can't WAIT! SUPER EXCITED! Anyone ever been to Universal?

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