Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bailey lands in LA! :D

What an awesome day I had today! The days here just keep getting better and better! Woke up at 7am because I was meeting Bailey at LAX. That airport is an absolute zoo! So i decided to meet her there. I had to take the subway then a Fly shuttle which brings you right to the airport. I've never done that before, and I didn't get lost or anything! I was waiting by DELTA baggage claim until Bailey arrived. While waiting I noticed that paparazzi were waiting by the doors by baggage claim at LAX. I started listening to what they were talking about...then I started talking to them and asked who their looking for. They told me that they don't always know..they show up and look for celebrities. He asked if he could take a few sample shots of me, to make sure it turns out. I said SURE! Cause I love being photographed! Everyone started looking at me like I was the star!(: with his fancy flash! Brandy picked up her bags, and headed out of the airport and there went the flashes! They were snapping a bunch of pictures of her!(: It was awesome! Bailey showed up at like the same time! So I pointed Brandy out to her! She already saw a star at LAX! We got Bailey's bags, and headed to the Super Shuttle right away....because sometimes it takes a while for them to fill them up! We went to my house and dropped off our bags and headed to Hollywood(: I think Bailey was really overwhelmed! I mean it is a CRAZY BUSY area, with so much going on! We got tickets to Chelsea Lately, but we were already late for the show, so we didn't go. We decided to go out to dinner on the sunset strip! It was a pretty nice place, with lots of healthy foods! We ate dinner and relaxed because we were already exhausted from a long morning. We walked around a little on Sunset blvd. and got some Starbucks. Then we headed back to Hollywood & Highland so Bailey could look around a little more(: We started walking towards Hollywood & Vine. As we were walking we noticed a group of people gathering in front of a store, and it was getting a little ROWDY! So we went to check it out....and it was Paris Hilton trying on CRAZY colored wigs in this wig shop on Hollywood Blvd. They closed the shop for her to try on wigs. She purchased like 6 of them. She then modeled a few of them for us so the paparazzi could snap a few pictures. We backed off a little and went by her car. Paris's car was right in front of the shop. WOW! what a nice car! Bailey and I looked in it to see what we could find! We saw a bag on the ground with a note that had appointment today with the date and time, flats, some type of hat. She also had a to go container on the passenger seat. Both Bailey and I took pictures in front of her car(: Then we waited for her to come out. She did and the crowd started moving away from the doors of the shop. She was walking right near me, behind her car to the drivers seat. Everyone kind of just took pictures and watched her go to her car. But...NO...NOT me! I asked her if she'd take a picture with me!?(; I told her she was gorgeous...and she said yes and we took a picture, I said thanks. (: I think i was peeing my pants! Paris Hilton said she would take a picture with me!? :D Be jealous! Then she went in her car, and turned on the radio and rolled down the passenger window. So when people were bending down to see her in her car. People asked many questions and she answered. I noticed there was paparazzi in the car behind her. Has soon as she slammed on the gas, he was off following her! You should of heard her car GO! She was probably trying to get away from them! We continued to walk down Hollywood & vine. We went into a few of the crazy shops they have. I think bailey's really surprised at the types of people she's scene! We then headed to Target in North Hollywood, which is near my house. We needed to buy an air mattress for Bailey to sleep on, drinks, food and an extra pillow for her. And how did we get this home!?...the BUS! It was so difficult. We got passion fruit tea before we left Target because we were so thirsty! The bags were ripping!....they were heavy...and our food was getting gross! It took like an hour to get home because the bus is so SLOW! But we made it home and set up Bailey's bed and then made something to eat. I put my Lean Cuisine in the microwave and the house owner came in the kitchen and opened the microwave because he noticed I was cooking my food and a brownie/cake slice! How embarrassing! I did I NOT see that there was cake in there! He pulled it out and i guess it was really HOT because he dropped it on top of the microwave! I'm really embarrassed! Starting a popcorn bag on fir now this! I'm really showing them my GREAT cooking skills! I was eating my food and Bailey just fell asleep! I think she's pretty exhausted! We both had a very long day! She wants to know how I know how to get around and how I do all this running around everyday! I haven't stayed home one day yet!!!! She's going to be EXHAUSTED after a week here!

Waiting for the bus(:

Paris Hilton's HOT ride!

Bailey in front of Miss Hilton's car!

Paris driving away.

People surrounding her car on Hollywood Blvd.
Paris leaving the shop. 

Me & Paris Hilton!(:

These photo's were taken by the photographers that were there. These pictures are awesome! These photographers totally inspire me! These pictures were taken through a glass door and windows and they turned out this good! 

Paris Hilton tweeted that these wigs are for an upcoming photo shoot!

This was a tweet she sent out after(: and we were there! 

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