Sunday, April 28, 2013

Harry Styles!

Harry Styles! 

What a day I had the other day!!! I was not planning at all to meet Harry Styles! My day just planning on meeting Austin Mahone....turned into a One Direction kind of night! I have to thank my friends for helping me meet Harry and inviting me to come on the tiny adventure in a restaurant in LA! Okay sooo Harry was at Dan Tana's a TINY restaurant in West Hollywood.....and when I say TINY I mean TINY. Tiny as in, only I could fit though the person at a time!! As soon as Harry was done eating we tried getting up to him but seriously....the place was so crowded with people....and no not fans! We nearly pushed Rod Stewart down to get to Harry!! We were literally tripping.....Rod didn't know what was going on and he said, "One person at a time!!" My Grama goes, "Don't you think Rod Stewart was sad that nobody was asking to take photos with him!" Hahahaha. Got up to Harry and he was such a nice guy, I have all good things to say about him. He probably would have chatted forever. He was in no rush to leave! Ohh and I love his tattoos on his chest. Just those two tattoos though not all the other randoms! 

I have to thank my friend Juanita who made this night possible! And my friend Esther who I have NEVER seen move so freckin fast for someone! You tell her a One Direction member is in a restaurant and she will bang down the door! No LIE! Please click the link below, I wanna help my friend out to meet Demi Lovato! 

Earlier in the day we went to go meet Austin Mahone! He's a new singer. His single is called, "Say Something." He looks like Justin Bieber in a way and I guess kind of acts like him. He was more than happy to sign autographs...not so much the body guard wanting to let him! RUDE ASS! 

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