Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No way! Meeting Lady Gaga!

I would have to say that my experience with Lady Gaga is in my top 5 of most memorable moments of my celebrity run ins…..maybe even most memorable moments of all time!! Really meeting Lady Gaga the other day was NOT planned at all!!! But I did have my things with me in my friends car. Gaga has not been seen in Los Angeles in awhile now. She has been in her wheel chair lately in other cities, because she recently had hip surgery. I guess we were the first fans in LA to see Miss Mother Monster out of her wheel chair and out and about walking!!! Lady Gaga came towards my friends and I, we didn't even really have to ask! She came over by us and introduced herself and hugged all of us. Her hugs were real hugs too! Getting a hug from Lady Gaga? That doesn't happen everyday! When Gaga approached us, I was in shock and immeditley asked her why it's so calm and not crazy!!! I'll NEVER forget what she said, she said "Wanna know why it's so calm, because I don't let them follow." Meaning the fans and the paparazzi! She chatted with us for a few minutes. And then she asked us, well do you guys want me to sign any of your things? We were soooo shy, and responded...."yes." It's so WILD to have Lady Gaga ask you if you want autographs! I mean we didn't even ask! She signed my "Rolling Stones magazine," and my "Born this way CD." As I was taking the CD out of the case for her to sign I dropped it on the ground, and Gaga bent right over to pick it up! After she was done signing it she started flipping through the booklet. She goes, "Isn't it good to look back at past times." At first I didn't understand what she was talking about....she's one of those people that say things that people in 2013 really wouldn't say and you really have to think about what she says. I then asked Mother Monster if she remembered the statement she said about Kim Kardashian...."Kim Kardashian is fabulous." Gaga said that a year ago right after when Kim got flour bombed because she wears fur. Lady Gaga also wears fur so she did basically stick up for Kim! She told me she remembered what she said about Kim, and then I told her how Kim is one of my favorities. I then showed her my phone case with Kim and I on it. No lie...Lady Gaga goes, "Kim is beautiful." My jaw dropped. Did Lady Gaga, worlds biggest superstar of our time tell me that my favorite reality star is beautiful? 

We thanked Lady Gaga for signing our things and promised we would not tell anyone about the location where we met her. She thanked us. I mean Gaga does need some quite time too! :) She walked away from us like a true superstar. She was wearing all black, black shades, black gloves, her hair up, and a black leather jacket with writing on the back saying "No tabliods" with a big "X" through it and something about the paparazzi. I was in total shock seeing her walk away, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The experience was unreal. 

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