Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moment with Lindsay Lohan!

Moment with Lindsay Lohan

I never really thought something like this would happen. I have been a fan of Lindsay, my sister and I would always jokingly mention Lindsay jokes to each other when we were younger. I NEVER in a million years would think I would be able to actual take a photo with Lilo! In Los Angeles the paparazzi go WILD with her. So when Lindsay is actual out and about in LA it's always WILD because of the paps. 

It felt like the whole world just stopped and paused as both my friend and I approached Lindsay in the Soho area in New York. Lindsay was just out and about doing her daily shopping at all the high end stores. It didn't even feel real. As soon as we approached her I right away introduced myself, I stuck my hand out and said, "It's really nice to meet you Lindsay." I wanted Lindsay to know that there's actually normal polite people out there. She looked confused why we were so polite. The first thing I started telling her was how I have tried meeting her in LA many times but it is always so crazy because of the paps! She said, "The paps are nuts there!" It felt so unreal hearing her raspy voice in person. She has such a distinct voice. I took my friends photo with Lindsay then she started taking mine. I right away said while I was posing next to her, "WAIT! MAKE SURE YOU GET HER CUTE BOOTS IN THE PICTURE!" A big laugh came out of Lindsay when I said that. I told her again how nice it was to meet her and I told her thanks again for always being so nice to her fans.

The world and tabloids make Lilo come out to be real wild and out of control but to be honest she is probably one of the most normal celebrities out there. 

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