Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Demi's good and bad days!

Demi Lovatoooooooo. Demi has her good days and her bad days! This happened to be her good day! Demi was pretty friendly to me when I saw her. I finally got my "DEMI" CD signed! I mean her CD is pretty good, I like pretty much all of the songs! 

Demi Lovato can sometimes be VERY moody! It so happened I picked the right day to go out and get my CD signed. Thank god there was one photographer and just me there! I actually could talk to her and she actually listened. She signed my CD and my magazines and then I asked to talk a selfie with her and she either didn't hear me or ignored me! Hahaha. But either way I already have an amazing photo with her so I'm NOT pushing it! Demi wanted to make sure I told my friend that she said hiiii! 

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