Friday, October 12, 2012

Ohh Demi Lovato!

I was turned down by Miss Demi Lovato twice in one! Are you serious Demi!? Demi had a television appearance and just waved to her fans!! Demi, we want more than a wave; we want photos and autographs! Demi waved on the way in and the way out and that was it! She now has super blonde hair! After I went to eat with two of my friends and we randomly came upon Demi again, just a few hours later! Demi was at an "Alcohol Anonymous" meeting in West Hollywood. I'm pretty sure she wasn't there for help that she needed I think she was there to help others by giving a speech. But who knows!? Maybe she's a drunk! There were probably at least ten paparazzi guys waiting for her to leave the meeting, Russell Brand was there too. I waited outside with my two friends, we just wanted autographs. She stepped out we called her and she IGNORED US! Like straight out ignored us! We didn't get a wave....NOTHING! Pretty disappointing actually! The paparazzi pretty much swarmed her. But I mean still, my friends had her CD's and she didn't sign them? I mean even when she was in the car we asked...but nothing! I mean yes I am a fan of Demi, but not a HARDCORE fan. What if I was someone who looked up to her? Needed to talk to her or needed help with something? Demi Lovato partners with bullying campaigns and the Kardashians to prevent bullying! Hmmm...and Demi straight out ignores her fans!?

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