Friday, October 12, 2012


Ohh what a LONG day yesterday! YES I worked early in the morning and as soon as I left work I headed to Hollywood! I had to see Lindsay Lohan! I mean I have never officially talked to her....but it's cool just to see her. There was a "Mr. Pink's" event yesterday in Beverly Hills. Ohh and By the way, "Mr. Pink" is not so friendly!! The event was for some energy drink that Mr. Pink made? I really don't even know what kind of drink it was, but the celebrities will come out for red carpet time! The event started and Audrina from "The Hills," showed up. She's a very pretty girl! I took my photo with her and told her how cute she was(: She was very nice to talk to. After most of the people arrived we went to the back of the hotel to see if we would bump into Lindsay Lohan. Sure enough...we weren't EXPECTING it at ALL! We were just talking away and who shows up!? Lindsay Lohan POPS up right behind us and my heart dropped!! She was practically sprinting into the hotel! She had about 5 body guards surrounding her.....and a publicist or two....  They kept saying...."RUSH RIGHT TO THE CARPET, RUSH HER THERE, RIGHT TO THE RED CARPET!" As she walked past us she immediately grabbed her gum in her mouth and tossed it on the ground, and she almost hit me with it!! LINDSAY!!! I know Lindsay has done a lot of WILD things but the ENERGY when Lindsay is around is CRAZY! Something about being by her...

Audrina from "The Hills" 

This is the gum LINDSAY LOHAN ALMOST hit me with! WATCH IT LILO! 

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