Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mister Nicholson!!

I have been a fan of Jack Nicholson for awhile now! I'm a HUGE fan of horror movies so I absolutely love "The Shining!" He is CRAZY in that movie!! I love it! That is probably one of my favorite movies, besides the Halloween movies and Friday the 13th's. Jack acts just like how you would think he would act! He constantly kept talking in his "aShining," crazy voice! It's CRAZY hearing him and seeing him in person. I guess I could have gotten a photo with him but he was MOBBED constantly by autographers that wanted his autograph! It was just cool to see him in person! The event was a golfing charity event. A few other celebrities were there too! I was pretty much there to just get autographs but I did manage to get some photos with a few celebrities. At one point Jack was signing and he was being mobbed! After he got sick of signing he took the pen and threw it in the air behind him! It totally felt like a movie!



Mark Moses "Desperate Housewives!" IS character creeps me out!

Danny Masterson! "Hyde" from that 70's show.

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