Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Khloe Kardashian at LAX!

You know me! I won't pass up going to see any Kardashian at the airport! I was there to greet Khloe Kardashian as she headed back to Los Angeles, Sunday afternoon! Khloe was coming back from a short trip in London. Khloe was there with her sister for a fan, "meet and greet." Over 10,000 fans showed up to the event at the Westfield Mall! How insane is that!?

Khloe arrived from London on a delayed flight! The flight was like 13 hours long! Geeze!! As she made her way through the airport I greeted her with my 11 by 14 inch photo of Khloe and I, from one of the first times that I met her in Hollywood! She said, "Hii doll!" She was pretty happy to see someone at the airport with a photo of her! Hahaha. She personalized the photo for me and I even got a few more autographs. I always have a lot of Kardashian things to get signed!

Khloe made her way out to her ride, but looks like the car wasn't there yet! She was waiting actually a few minutes! The paparazzi were asking her many questions about X Factor, and her and Lamar. I told Khloe, "Why do they ask you the same questions over and over about Lamar! I said, "I know you guys are staying together!" She said, "I KNOW RIGHT!" I asked Khloe if Kim was planning on bringing Mercy back to LA. She said, "I have no idea if she is." We ended up taking a picture together but it didn't turn out so I had to take another one! My stupid camera was ZOOMED in all the way!! UGH! But the Kardashians are always nice enough to take photos.

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