Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chace Crawford paparazzi photos!?

The other day I went out to meet Chace Crawford, Sarah Silverman, Teresa Palmer, Brain Wash, and ohhh wait! I almost forgot!....DRAKE, who completely ignored us!

Right after I was done with work I headed home to get ready! I needed Starbucks soooo bad! Right after Starbucks I headed over to the theatre that Chace Crawford was at. Chace showed up with his girlfriend. I wanted a picture with him super bad! Chace is in the show Gossip Girl! I guess he doesn't always like taking photos with fans....but he was more than happy to take a photo with me! I really was the only person there that approached him. My paparazzi friend took the photo of the two of us. Chace is a super cool guy, I can't wait to blow up our photo! A few others showed up....Teresa Palmer an australian actress, the artist Brain Wash showed up, and Sarah Silverman was the last person to arrive in the middle of the concert! I was pretty happy to meet Sarah Silverman, she was on a few episodes of my favorite show "Monk!"

Teresa Palmer, Australian actress

Sarah Silverman!

Later in the night Drake was out at a club in Hollywood with his 10 million black body guards! WHY!? I have met Drake before, and let me tell ya, he's cocky! He signed autographs the first time and mentioned that, we better not sell them on ebay! Drake left the club at like 4am! He ignored the 5 fans that were outside waiting for him! Really Drake? You were JIMMY IN A WHEEL CHAIR ON DEGRASSI! YOUR FROM CANADA! It's sad how he did make it big and he used to be much more humble, now he's stuck up and cocky! Hollywood really got to him! It was crazy too because he had an escalade in front of his white Bentley and one in the back! You would think it was the president!!!

Later I went home to upload the photos that I took that day. One photo that I didn't have on my camera that I really wanted was the Chace Crawford photo!! My paparazzi friend took it on his camera and he didn't send it to me! I was going CRAZY cause I wanted it so bad! I discovered the next day that the photo of Chace and I was posted on Twitter? HOW?! I also found the photo op of me and Chace online!! It said,"Chace Crawford poses with a fan in LA!"

Chace Crawford and I on Twitter! 

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