Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running around Hollywood!

I probably saw over 20 celebrities today! It was so awesome! I was ALL over Hollywood! I went to see the Dancing with the Stars cast. I got pictures with everyone one of them I saw(: I mean they are going to slowly start getting kicked off the show, so why not? They were all very nice. I think I got a picture with everyone except Chaz. All of the times that I've seen Chaz he hasn't been that friendly. We were there all morning waiting for them. Nancy Grace was the first person that I saw arrive. She was so nice, she put her arms right around me to pose for a picture. It was getting later in the day and we all wanted to go to the "Iris" performance that took place at the Kodak theatre, to see the stars that arrived. We found the entrance where they were getting dropped off and waited there. Chloe from "Kick ass" showed up first, Joe Manganiello "True Blood," Matthew Mccnnoughy, Mario Lopez, James Cameron, Pricilla Presley, Tony Soprano, and a few others. It was actual a lot of fun. Only a few of those people came over by us. I called Joe Manganiello and he took a picture with me which was awesome! He's a very nice guy. Matthew wouldn't take pictures with anyone. I asked for a picture with him on the way out and he said, "Not right now."

Nancy Grace.

Tristian Macmanus. (Kissed my friend, she kept telling him to Kiss me, haha)

J.R. Martinez.

Carson Kressley.

Derek Hough.


Joe Manganiello from "True Blood"
Very nice guy at the "opening of "Iris" a performance at the Kodak theatre in Hollywood.

David Arquette leaving rehearsal.

Derek Hough leaving practice.

Derek & Mark Ballas.


Chloe from "Kick ass"

People watching the event from above.

Matthew & his wife walking into the event.

This CRAZY man sings all the time in Hollywood Blvd! He sings Lady Gaga! My ears bleed!

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