Friday, September 23, 2011


Woke up early today again...Met some people at where DWTS practice. I was the first person to show up. We usually beat all the photographers there(: We saw a few people. Most of the dancers ran in and tried not to be seen. But a few of the dancers chat with us and love being photographed and on video!
Carson is probably the nicest of them all! Carson will dance and jump around! I brought my little pita chips and hummus with me and my canned Starbucks on the go! I really didn't have time to stop for one so I just brought one from home. We were pretty excited today, anyone we saw come we would get a picture or an autograph from them(: Cause you never know who's getting kicked off next. I needed Chynna to sign something and Elizabetta. Chynna signed my picture that I had(: it was a picture of me and her that I developed and she was like "Boy you developed that fast!" Chynna they have one hour photo at Target! (: She is always nice to everyone and always comes over by us to talk. Rob Kardashian showed up but he rushed inside. Mark and Kristin came too but they left to go somewhere for lunch...I think they like each other! There's defiantly something going on between them! Chaz Bono also showed up....and let me tell you!....He is RUDE! I really don't care what anyone has to say! He is very rude! I totally understand that many people are giving him problems about all of his sex change business. But, haven't people warned him that life's hard!?...When someone says Hi to you, you just don't ignore them! Show them some respect and say something! I mean a lot of us are at DWTS everyday! People ask him normal questions! NO HATE! seriously though! All the photographers are totally cool with what he's doing! And he just ignores everyone! NO EXCUSES! Hasn't his mom ever told him that life's a bitch!!? Nobody ever said that what he's doing was going to be easy! I thought he was a MUCH stronger person than how he's acting! I don't know! I really don't want to see him anymore, he's rude!  After I left DWTS I had to head to Hollywood to get to work. I had to stop at a piercing place to have them take out my other hip piercing cause it was rejecting :( I'm so upset! I really loved those piercings! I had them for a year this October! :( How horrible! My first piercings I got without my mom's permission! He was suppose to charge me, but he never did. He took it out pretty fast and then cleaned it. They normally charge $10. But he just said that it was fine. I was going to tip him but I had NO cash! I told him that I'll be coming back to tip him! I will FOR SURE be giving him a tip next time I see him! Oh yeah! I almost forgot! On the bus going to Hollywood from West Hollywood....there was a lot of commotion! WOW! I heard screaming on the bus! I looked to see what was going on...and I guess this guy stepped on this woman's foot on purpose! She started screaming saying "Get away from me!" I have no clue why this guy stepped on her. This other guy defended the lady and took out his FAKE teeth! He was like, "this is what happens when you get in a real fight!" The guy started swearing and yelling at him! The bus driver had to pull over! The black woman didn't do anything just kind of watched! It was a ZOO! I was started to record it, but the argument ended! :( I love recording crazy things like that! haha. What a fun bus ride! I always experience the craziest stuff in West Hollywood! GEEZE!

Look at these WILD photographers!

People chasing Mark Ballas & Kristin leaving for lunch.

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