Thursday, October 31, 2013

Long time no see stranger!

Yes I was reunited with Kimmie yesterday! Boyyyy did I miss that girl! She was out for one of her promotional tours! Hahaha. Kim was more than happy to stop for her fans. Right away I went, "Holy shit Kim, I missed youuu, long time no see stranger!" Kim went "NIKO how are youu!!?" I just about died! Hahaha. I mentioned to Kim how I saw her in Vegas and how wiiiild it was there! She loved the sign that I had! We also chatted about the Yeezus store that's on Melrose right next to DASH. I guess the store is a "pop up store," it travels with Kanye when he goes on tour. Kimmie was ready for our photos we took together like always! She told me how it was nice seeing me and we said our good byes! 

Kim Kardashian means a lot to me, and yes I am extremely intrigued with her and her family and the empire she has built for herself. It absolutely amazes me how she has become known as "Kim K." But there are also some other personal reasons why I connect with Kim Kardashian, and that is between me and her.

There are many people that are SOOOO concerned that I admire Kim so much, but I'm just going to let people become even more concerned. Ohh well. We all have people we admire and mine just happens to be Kim Kardashian. 

Missed youuu Kimmie

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