Saturday, November 9, 2013

Selena Gomez in LA!


I had like the BEST time ever at Selena's concert in LA the other day!! SOOOO MUCH FUUUN! Our seats were in the front, we were pretty much on the "S" stage! We could touch her that's how close we were! Selena's opening song was "Bang Bang Bang!" I loved when she performed BIRTHDAYYYYY by far my favorite song! I went with a couple of my friends and Gio! Right away I had to get a tour book!! And sure enough right after the concert I already got it signed! Selena always greets the fans after every concert, such a nice girl. 

Ohhhmy gawd. I almost forgot! A few fights broke out during the concert!! Like with grown men!! And a few people were actually escorted out of the venue!

I think she's an angel!
Awww my girl!

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