Sunday, October 27, 2013

Katy Perry Concert!!

Let me just say Katy Perry's concert was sooo much fun! I haven't had that much fuuun in a LOOONG time! Ellie Goulding was opening for Katy and Teagan and Sarah! Let me tell ya, the Hollywood Bowl was full of lesbians! Lesbofest! It was such a good concert! Katy played a lot of her new songs from Prism, and my favorite California Girls! I was running into a bunch of celebs, thank god my friend Juanita was there to spot them, she knows why.... I mean Khloe Kardashian walked right past me! 

Damn, youu really have to mean mug me like that!!
Ashley Tisdale
Hiii Khlo Khlo! 
One of LA's best make up artists! 

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