Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paris Hilton TOUR!

Paris Hilton is probably one of the celebrities I have seen the most! And thank god she is sooo friendly and nice! Paris is also the first Hollywood star that I actually ran into when I first moved to LA. I was out walking down Hollywood Blvd with my sister Bailey when she was visiting and Paris was at a wig shop. I right away ran up to her and took a picture, I guess that's where it started! (: 

Paris has been out and about the last couple days promoting her new music, and I've seen her a few times! I pretty much got ALL of my magazines signed! I ran out of things! I had to order more of her magazines and things online! I've seen her often and I was curious if she knew my name yet! I never really told her it, so wanted to know if she even knew it....I asked she said YESSS, I said Paris what is it then! She laughed and said I forgot, in her cute voice! Hahaha it totally made me laugh. Paris is adorable. We chatted about River as well and I asked how he was doing. He wasn't out with her cause he is busy working on his clothing line! 

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