Thursday, December 20, 2012


My favorite reality star was flying into LAX airport the other night! I was soooooo excited to go because I haven't seen Kim in forever!! Kim has been out traveling, filming and working in the middle east! Kim has had over fifteen different events and appearances to attend. The last three months Kim has been in Miami, New York, the middle east, London and Mexico City!! My Kimmie has been very busy out promoting those famous curves of hers(:

Kim changed her flight number and schedule a few times the other night. I was hoping that there wouldn't be so many photographers there then....but nope, still a lot!! It's crazy how these celebrities change their flights and the paparazzi still manage to keep up with the flight changes! Kim flew in later at night, I was there to greet her right when she exited the terminal. I had my HUGE 11 by 14 inch photo op of both Kim and I from when we blew kisses together outside Nobu in West Hollywood last year. Kim was pretty excited to see me, but not as excited as I was seeing her! She asked how I was doing and she absolutely loved the photo! Hahaha. She signed the photos I had and I asked her about Miami and told her how I haven't seen her in forever! She started leaving the terminal signed some autographs, and the photographers were getting so out of control falling over! Kim decided to use an elevator, which means less shots for them!! If they knew how to be calm and civil everyone would get their shots! As soon as Kim ran out of the elevator, my friend took a photo with Kim then he took my photo with her(: Kimmie did her cute pose like always, leaning close to me. I told her that I was sorry about her cat Mercy passing away, and I told her how it was nice seeing her(: Kim made her way into her car and I made sure to get one more autograph!

Kimmie Welcome home(: 

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