Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kid Cudi & JWoww

A few days ago, I met JWoww and Kid Cudi in Hollywood. Let me tell ya, they were both SUPER nice! I have heard sooooo many stories about how the Jersey Shore cast really isn't nice to their fans. I guess in New York Jwoww never stops to greet the fans!? Well I guess LA is a different story because she was more than happy to take a photo and sign some autographs! Out of the whole cast that I saw that day she was the only one who really wanted to take a picture! Vinny didn't even want to, and he's usually really nice! Jwoww kept calling me sweetie!

Later in the night I met Kid Cudi with my friend in West Hollywood. We saw him at like 2am, he was leaving a club, he was the last one to leave! Kid Cudi is NOT a fan of the paparazzi at all! He was telling us how they are always trying to make him look bad and how he is just trying to live his life. We talked to him for about 10 minutes before he left the club. Cudi was telling us how he got kicked off of Lady Gaga's tour for punching a fan! The story was pretty fin though when he started saying how Gaga came to his dressing room in her "darth Vader looking shit." Too funny! Cudi started laughing when he was describing her walking down the hallway to come kick him off her tour. He did tell us though how he apologizes for the things he did.

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